Project deals with metallic biomaterials that the organism is able to decompose, absorb, and remove in a physiological pathway. It concentrates on materials prepared by powder-processing techniques. These represent a relatively new class of biomaterials, the corrosion of which is still incompletely understood. The deterioration of mechanical properties while the material corrodes is described unsatisfactorily too. Project is oriented towards the basic research rather than to development of a particular biomaterial. The investigation of biologically degradable metals (alloys of iron and magnesium) promises to bring a new knowledge on fundamental processes underlying corrosion and to lead to the understanding of the dependence of mechanical properties on the degree and mode of material's degradation. This knowledge would enable us to adjust the rate and mode of corrosion (degradation) of material (for better synchronization of biological degradation of implant and creation new tissue), and to choose the course of changes in mechanical properties during material's degradation (to prevent the early collapse of implant) by means of selection of the composition of input raws and manufacturing method.